Civil Weddings Packages


Price: €1075,00



Price: €1640,00



Price: €2960,00


Symbolic Ceremony Packages

Mint Rose

Price: €1750,00


Misty Rose

Price: €2410,00


Coral Rose

Price: €3180,00


Wedding in Style

Each couple has its own special love story, a story that cannot be repeated. Each story is special, romantic or funny and one of the most important days from it is a wedding. Somebody gives preference to the classic wedding, there are couples who dream to have ceremony on beautiful islands, but some expect from this day something very original and unusual like “Wedding in Style”.

Theme wedding, of course, requires special preparation and careful preparation of details: starting from the outfits, to the decoration of the ceremony and the script of the whole wedding day. Our professional team will be happy to listen to your wishes and preferences, incredible ideas of the script and whole planning of this unforgettable day for two hearts!

Also we want to note that each wedding style can be used in decorations, theme accessories, menu or in the dinner show program, and it is not necessary to use theme costumes for newlyweds or guests.

Big Cyprus Wedding

Cyprus wedding is quite unusual, with a lot of interesting traditions, happy and fun ceremonies, which you can not find in any other cultures.

Price: €3180,00


Aphrodite is the goddess of love

Marriages are made in heaven, but Gods have created the most beautiful places for such fascinating moments.

Price: €3235,00


Taste of Love

Each couple in love is considered as sweet couple Every kiss from a loved one is considered sweet!

Price: €3510,00


Additional Information:
All packages are calculated with the condition of the ceremony in the beautiful places on the island of Cyprus, not including those for which the rent is paid additionally. At the request of the client, these packages can be used to conduct a symbolic ceremony in the hotel, on a yacht or on open areas that belongs to municipalities. The cost of renting a particular place is specified on request.

All additional services, like changing the car for the newlyweds to a higher class, or 2 beautiful horses for a beautiful appearance at the ceremony, wedding dinner, a yacht cruise, a presenter, a DJ, a show program are calculated individually, at the request of the client.

These packages can be used not only for symbolic ceremonies, but also for official ceremonies.

We can also plan any other idea of ​​the wedding and make up a package for you based on your wishes and ideas.