Cyprus wedding is quite unusual, with a lot of interesting traditions, happy and fun ceremonies, which you can not find in any other cultures.

Preparations of the bride and groom are held in different places (rooms or villas). The groom’s traditional morning preparation are held according to an interesting local rule of playing live violin and bouzouki by Cypriot musicians. Best men at the same time should shave off the groom`s beard, help him to dress up and go for the bride. Nevertheless, everyone are having fun, dancing, enjoying a sparkling drink, and being photographed.

Whereas the bride`s  morning preparation involves makeup artist, a stylist, a witness, a sister, a mother or other close friends who help the bride to get ready. Lastly, someone from the relatives (preferably mother or sister) ties the bride’s waist with a red ribbon, symbolizing fertility.

The ceremony is held in one of the beautiful places of the island, or at the request of clients on the beach, in a hotel or in any other place. The arch is decorated with white or beige flowers (artificial), red garnets, ribbons and curtains. Chairs, car, bridal bouquet, the groom’s buttonhole and other necessary decorations are combined with all the decor of the ceremony and whole wedding theme.

The show program of the wedding dinner can be planned by having  traditional Cypriot dancers, first dance of the bride and groom, during which all the guests pin up money to the bride’s dress. This an old Cypriot tradition which symbolizes happiness, luck and wealth.

Dinner can be held in a beautiful Cypriot winery or in a traditional tavern, these places are famous for their hospitality and delicious traditional and European cuisine.

The package includes:

  • Transfer from hotel to the ceremony, on a decorated white premium car for newlyweds
  • Personal wedding coordinator
  • Musicians for the groom’s morning preparation
  • Everything necessary for the traditional rite of preparation for the bride and the groom
  • 2 bottles of champagne and Cypriot sweets in the morning for the bride and groom
  • Decor for the place of the ceremony (arch with artificial flowers, garnets, ribbons, curtains, table for the ceremony, decorated chairs, rose petals, bags with rice and petals for guests, sign for the ceremony, pillow for the rings, etc..)
  • Printed vows for newlyweds in the wedding theme
  • Symbolic certificate of marriage
  • Master of ceremony
  • Sound equipment for the ceremony
  • Table for fruits and champagne for the ceremony
  • 1 bottle of champagne and glasses (max 10) for the ceremony
  • Platters with fruits and Cypriot sweets for the ceremony
  • Bridal bouquet and buttonhole for the groom (2 options to choose from)
  • Make-up and hairstyle for the bride
  • Photoshoot for 2 hours by photographer’s car (ceremony + beautiful places on the island) *photos will be ready within 2 months after the ceremony and uploaded to the file sharing service
  • Video shooting for 2 hours (ceremony + beautiful places on the island) *wedding clip (3-5 minutes) will be ready within 2-4 months after the ceremony and uploaded to the file sharing service
  • Wedding cake (1 layer)
  • Memorable gift from the company

Price: €3,080.00